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    Matrix Repatterning Concussion Treatment Immersion Protocol


  • **Concussion Treatment Immersion - Break Free from Post-Concussion Symptoms!**

    Are you still struggling with the aftermath of a concussion, experiencing headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and other challenging symptoms? It's time to take control of your healing journey and get your life back on track! High Tide Wellness is thrilled to introduce our **Matrix Repatterning Concussion Treatment Immersion Protocol**, a comprehensive program designed to bring you lasting relief.


    **Discover the Power of Matrix Repatterning for Concussions**


    Our 6-8 day treatment series is specifically tailored for individuals who are at least 3 months past their original concussion and still facing post-concussion symptoms. Matrix Repatterning has proven to be incredibly effective in providing relief from headaches, dizziness, imbalance, insomnia, anxiety, light and sound sensitivity, and more.


    What's Included in your Concussion Release Immersive Treatment Program?


    During this immersive program, you'll benefit from an in-depth pre-treatment assessment followed by daily 60-minute concussion-specific treatments with our expert CMRP Mia Lockhart. But that's not all! Your journey to concussion release will also feature:


    • **Guided Concussion Healing Cardio Sessions**: Engage in specially designed cardio exercises to support your healing process and enhance overall well-being.


    • **PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Magnetic Frequency) Healing Treatments**: Experience the cutting-edge technology of PEMF to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation.


    • **Diet Protocols and Lifestyle Changes**: Receive personalized dietary guidelines and lifestyle adjustments to optimize your healing potential.


    • **Additional Healing Program Details**: We tailor additional healing recommendations to your specific location and circumstances for a holistic approach to recovery.


    **Invest in Your Well-being**


    The investment for this transformative program is $3300 CAD ($2500 USD), with a 50% deposit due upon booking and the remainder payable at the time of treatment. We understand the importance of insurance coverage, and treatment receipts will be available for billing purposes or tax receipts (subject to submission by the client).


    **Plan Your Journey to Healing**


    With limited space available weekly for Concussion Immersion clients, don't miss your chance to be part of our September 2023 sessions. Begin your healing process with an assessment on a Monday, and let us guide you through a focused and impactful treatment series, culminating with a final review the following Monday/Tuesday. Flexible options are available to accommodate your schedule.


    **Meet Your Dedicated Concussion Release Practitioner - Mia Lockhart**


    Mia Lockhart, CMRP, brings years of expertise and dedication to your healing journey. Her passion for helping individuals overcome post-concussion symptoms has transformed the lives of many. [Read more about Mia and her commitment to your well-being](https://www.concussionrelease.com/#bio).


    **Take the First Step Towards Relief - Book Your Consultation Call**


    Not sure if this program is right for you? We're here to help! Take advantage of a complimentary initial consultation call with Mia to address your questions and concerns. [Fill out the contact form](https://www.concussionrelease.com/contact) to book your call.


    Reserve Your Spot Today!


    Break through the limitations of post-concussion symptoms and embark on a transformative healing journey. Call High Tide Wellness at 902-300-5842 to secure your spot and discover a future free from the constraints of your concussion.


    **Success Stories**


    Discover how Matrix Repatterning treatments have brought great success to other concussion clients. [Read their testimonials here](https://matrixrepatterning.com/success-stories/) and [more success stories from our website](https://www.concussionrelease.com/#testimonials).


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