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    Medical Neuromodulator (Botox™️/Dysport™️) Pain Relief Injection Treatments at High Tide Wellness

    We have incredible news for you! High Tide Wellness is thrilled to introduce our latest breakthrough: Medical Neuromodulator Pain Relief Injection treatments. Say goodbye to ineffective solutions and say hello to a life free from constant discomfort.


    What is Medical Botox/Dysport Pain Relief? 

    Medical Botox™️/Dysport™️ Injections are an innovative treatment option that has been making waves in the realm of pain management. It's not just for wrinkles anymore! Nova Scotian MD, Dr. Christopher Stone, will be hosting monthly clinics to offer relief for migraines, TMJ, hyperhidrosis, and various other chronic pain conditions that have proven resistant to other treatments. Treatment relief usually lasts 3-5 months.


    A Tailored Approach to Pain Management

    We understand that every individual's pain journey is unique. That's why Dr. Stone will pre-qualify each interested client, ensuring you receive the personalized attention and care you deserve. To be eligible, all you need is a proper diagnosis and a history of trying other treatments without success. The best part? Medical Botox treatments may be covered by your extended healthcare insurance! (With proper prescriptions & paperwork, inurance will often cover 80%+)


    How Can You Benefit from these Neuromodulator Pain Relieving Injections? 

    If you've been struggling with migraines, TMJ, or even trigeminal neuralgia, this treatment could be the game-changer you've been seeking. Imagine a life where pain no longer dictates your activities and limits your potential. With our Medical Botox Pain Relief, that life is within reach.


    Get Ahead - Reserve Your Spot Now! 

    Our clinic will commence at the end of September, but we're wasting no time in preparing for this transformative service. We want to ensure you have ample time to discover if your insurance covers the treatment, and our dedicated team is here to assist you with any necessary forms and processes.


    Affordable Relief at Your Fingertips

    We understand that quality healthcare should be accessible. The cost of each treatment session typically ranges between $700 to $1000, and with insurance coverage, your financial burden can significantly decrease.(Many plans cover up to 80%+)


    Convenience, Expertise, and Care - All in One Place

    Say goodbye to long drives to the city for treatments. Dr. Christopher Stone, a certified expert in medical Botox administration, has successfully provided clinics around Nova Scotia, and now he's bringing his expertise directly to High Tide Wellness in Wolfville.


    Are You the Right Fit? Let Us Help!

    Not sure if Medical Botox is the right solution for you? Worry not! Our team is committed to helping you navigate the process. Together, we'll determine if this treatment aligns with your specific needs and health goals.


    The time to embark on a pain-free journey is now. Secure your spot for the upcoming Medical Botox Pain Relief clinic and witness the life-changing benefits this treatment can offer.


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