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  • Our Team

    All of our team members are Registered Massage Therapists. All of our Treatments are qualified to be covered by most extended health care insurance plans.

    Mia Lockhart, RMT, CMRP, R-NFR

    Certified Matrix Repatterning ® Practitioner, Certified RAPID™ Neurofascial Reset Specialist and Registered Massage Therapist since 2001.

    Andrea Balcom, RMT

    Registered Massage Therapist since 2017, specializing in trigger points, deep tissue, cupping, therapeutic release and relaxation.


    Dana Richards, RMT

    Registered Massage Therapist since 2020, specialty in deep tissue, cupping and Gua Sha.


    Holly Christian (Wicks), RMT

    Registered Massage Therapist since 2014, specialty in Fascial Stretch Therapy©, jaw treatment, chronic headaches and neuromuscular work.


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  • What We Do

    Registered Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, to achieve a therapeutic response. It enhances the function of muscles and joints. It improves the circulation of the blood and lymph, relieves pain and stress, and may reduce blood pressure. Massage therapy has a sedative, calming effect.
    Massage therapy is designed to rehabilitate, maintain or improve physical function by performing manipulation techniques. Massage therapists are also trained in hydrotherapy and remedial exercise. The therapeutic effects of massage therapy benefit men, women, pregnant women, infants, children and the elderly and can provide relief from a wide variety of mild and acute conditions.
    Massage Therapy and Health Care
    Massage therapists work in a variety of settings, often in conjunction with other health care professionals such as physiotherapists and chiropractors. A massage therapist does not do spinal manipulations. Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis. A massage therapist does not diagnose or prescribe for medical illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder
    Concussion Treatment: Mia LockhartCMRP, R-NFRS, RMT is a Concussion Release Specialist using the therapeutic techniques of Matrix Repatterning, Neurofascial Release alongside PEMF technology. This gentle yet effective manual therapy has shown significant and measurable results in the reduction in post-concussion symptoms within 5 treatments.  Acute care and mobile options available for acute concussions as well as immersive treatment programs for "out-of-area" patients.
  • What is Matrix Repatterning?

    Releasing Impact Injuries and Restoring Health from the Inside Out

    Matrix Repatterning is a form of manual (hands-on) therapy that has shown great success in treating impact injuries.

    A series of treatments can release structural imbalances that have developed and been compensated for either recently or from over a lifetime, until the body has been restored to optimal function.

    More information: matrixrepatterning.com


    Matrix Repatterning has been able to demonstrate measurable success in the treatment of certain structural and functional disorders, such as:

    • Concussions
    • Back Pain
    • Neck and Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Headaches, Migraines
    • TMJ Disorder, Tinnitus, Ménière's Syndrome
    • Pelvic Disorders, Incontinence
    • Snoring and Sleep Apnea.


    Concussion & Head Pain Treatment

    Treatment Process: Most concussion or TBI patients require 6-8 Matrix Repatterning Sessions (30-50mins)

    In his newly released book, The Brain’s Way of Healing, Dr. Norman Doidge MD refers to Matrix Repatterning as an important “first intervention” in the treatment of concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI).


    Client Testimonials:


    After my first session with Mia, I was suddenly able to drive and bike. Before the treatment, I would get dizzy within minutes and had to stop. Two days after the treatment, I drove 20 minutes to visit a friend! ~Anne S.


    Matrix Repatterning (post concussion treatment) helped with my anxiety. Calmed my system so I could have deeper and more restful sleep. During sessions, I noticed a clear improvement, leaving feeling tired and calm. ~Jaya P.


    Treatment is very gentle, yet effective as your cells retain the 'memory' of the normal structure, and only require precise coaxing in order to be repatterned.


    🧠 Learn more about our Specialized Concussion Treatments

    Cupping Therapy

    Myofascial Cupping is a soft tissue therapy that encourages healing by creating a negative pressure or suction on the skin using glass or plastic cups that pull up underlying tissues, blood, and other fluids close to the surface of the skin.

    Benefits of cupping include local pain relief and muscle relaxation, by increasing blood flow to a particular muscle or region.

    Myofascial cupping is often incorporated into other manual therapy techniques such as massage therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and other injury rehabilitation techniques.

    Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Relaxation Massage.

    All of our registered massage therapists are trained in ALL of these techniques (and more!) and it's important to know that your treatment plan with be unique and specific for you. Often times, a combination of treatments are best for your concerns.


    Sometimes deep tissue work is the answer, sometimes it isn't!


    We're trained and here to work with you. During your initial assessment we will go through your health history and also your needs and preferences - from this information we will build a treatment plan and adjust with body feedback.


    Healing is never a one-stop solution and we consider our work, team work, with you our client and our skills and experience working together to optimize your healing journey.

  • RAPID™ NeuroFascial Reset

    Along with her training as a Certified Matrix Repatterning®️ Practitioner, Mia Lockhart is a Certified RAPID™ Neurofascial Reset Specialist, and Dana Richards, RMT is currently taking this training as well!


    Why choose RAPID™ NFR?

    Clients choose RAPID™ because of the rapid response to treatment. This helps active individuals get back to life. RAPID™ is ideal for both acute and chronic conditions.

    RAPID™ NeuroFascial Reset, is a neurologically based, active, therapeutic technique that addresses the central nervous systems role in alleviating tension and restrictions within the body. RAPID™ is an evidence based manual therapy technique that can be used by all health care professionals to quickly and effectively eliminate pain in their patients.

    Some of the conditions that can be quickly resolved with RAPID-NFR include:

    - headaches /migraines

    - back pain

    - carpal tunnel syndrome

    - shin splints

    - shoulder pain

    - sciatica

    - plantar fasciitis

    - knee problems

    - tennis/ golfers elbow

    - whiplash

    - TMJ

    - frozen shoulder

    - bursitis

    - bunions and arthritic joints

    What is a treatment like?


    RAPID™ Therapists use a a combination of hands on palpation, examination, and treatment. The RAPID™ provider palpates the tissues with his or her hands to evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Hypersensitive areas are treated by combining precisely directed depth, tension with very specific patient movements.

    RAPID™ sessions may be uncomfortable, this occurs as the neurological system is being stimulated to restore normal function.



    PEMF Therapy

    (pulsed electromagnetic frequency)


    What are PEMF devices?

    They are devices that produce electromagnetic fields with unique waveforms and frequencies to optimize the body's natural functions. BEMER is the only PEMF device specifically designed to target the microcirculatory system. BEMER is used in hospitals, clinics, and homes around the world with more than one million satisfied users. BEMER is also becoming a valuable asset for athletes, using it to aid with muscle recovery, regeneration and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


    Proven health benefits of BEMER PEMF:

    -General blood flow and circulation

    -Delivery of nutrition and oxygen to your cells

    -Sleep management

    -Increased physical fitness & endurance

    -Muscle stimulation

    -Stress reduction and relaxation


    This healing and relaxing frequency helps: tendonitis, injury repair, anxiety, insomnia, concussion symptoms, headaches, and tension.


    BEMER is a Health Canada registered consumer medical device that, during an 8 to 20 minute session, sends a low level electromagnetic field throughout the body in order to safely increase blood flow, resulting in better disbursement of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body while eliminating waste.




    What is a treatment like?

    Our PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) device is a mat placed on the treatment table. Clients rest on the table for 20 minutes while the device works, relaxing and listening to calming music.




    Great experience from the moment you enter the building and are greeted by Kim to a great experience with Mia.  Mia helped me with some pain that I've been having for over three years.    ~ Doris Sawrie
    May 21, 2021
    Mia has helped me tremendously with pain from a back injury and sciatica!!  She is a healer!!    ~Julie Jaillet
    Mia is an amazing Matrix Repatterning Practitioner. She is intuitive, caring and competent.  Has an amazing touch and the effectiveness of her treatments are off the charts.  I never realized how my body was harbouring pain as a result of bumps, bangs and falls since I was a small child.  Did you...
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  • Therapist Profiles

    We're a results-focused clinic: personalized care + an educated approach.

    Mia Lockhart, RMT since 2001, CMRP®, RNFR™️

    Concussion & Neural Pain Specialist

    Mia is a Certified Matrix Repatterning®️ Practitioner, Certified RAPID™ Neurofascial Reset Specialist and Registered Massage Therapist. In my 19 years of practice, I’ve been known for strong hands, deep knowledge and a keen intuitive sense resulting in effective treatments and lasting results.

    Matrix Repatterning has been able to demonstrate measurable success in the treatment of certain structural and functional disorders, such as:

    • Concussions
    • Back Pain
    • Neck and Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Headaches, Migraines
    • TMJ Disorder, Tinnitis, Menieres' Syndrome
    • Pelvic Disorders, Incontinence
    • Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

    RAPID Neurofascial Reset is a treatment technique that combines precisely directed tension and compression with specific passive and active movements that stimulate the nervous system to reduce pain and restore normal function to muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves.
    From sciatica, low back pain, headaches, shoulder injuries, fibromyalgia, TMJ, gout, knee injuries, whiplash, chronic fatigue, depression, hormone balancing, chronic pain, shoulder injuries, prenatal & postnatal and much more - she is here to help you regain your health, mobility and ultimately the health and well being you deserve.

    Book with Mia Lockhart

    *for Matrix Repatterning we ask all new clients to book at least 3 or 4 weekly appointments to address initial concerns with a productive treatment outcome.

    Holly Christian, RMT since 2014

    Fascial Stretch Therapy© & Nerve Pain Specialist

    Holly completed her Registered Massage Therapy training in 2014. Holly's clinical interests include Fascial Stretch Therapy©, jaw treatment as part of relieving disfunction and chronic headaches, neuromuscular work, and postural reeducation. She also has extensive experience treating whiplash and associated headaches and back pain, scoliosis, forward head carriage, and nerve referral pain such as sciatica.
    Holly is a caring and knowledgeable therapist who is keen to assist clients in reaching their individual goals.
    She is passionate about continued education and aims to provide the highest quality of care for her clients to reduce and eliminate pain, increase function in daily activities, and assist and educate them in being an active part of their own healing process.
    Holly has been treating for the last 8 years alongside physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, and osteopathy. Success in following treatment plans and client autonomy are top priority to me as a therapist, as well as delivering quality service to my clients.


    Book with Holly Christian (Wicks)

    Andrea Balcom, RMT since 2017

    Fascial Release & Trigger Point Specialist

    Andrea has been a dedicated RMT for 4 years and is excited to join High Tide Wellness to share her skills in trigger point therapy (yes, her fingers are magic!!) fascial release, cupping and guasha along with targeted and deep release and relaxation therapy.

    Andrea trained as a registered Massage Therapist after working over 11 years as a professional esthetician so she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working with all aspects of the body and also relaxation, health and well being.

    Outside of work, Andrea loves keeping fit with time at the gym and lifting as she has a background in powerlifting.


    Book with Andrea Balcom

    Dana Richards, RMT since 2020

    Deep Tissue & Self Care Specialist

    Dana is proud to be the newest member at High Tide Wellness. Relying on the power of intuition, touch and also having the understanding that massage is an essential part of self care, she has the ability to listen to clients to come up with a personalized treatment specific to their needs.

    She offers Swedish massage techniques, therapeutic deep tissue, trigger point release, gentle joint mobilizations and stretches. Cupping and Gua Sha.

    Dana graduated in October of 2021 from a 2200 hour massage therapy program at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Halifax Nova Scotia. She has worked on building her skills through multiple learning experiences offered by CCMH. Such as educational hands on courses, treatment and community focused clinics. These clinics included treatments focused towards sports, prenatal, arthritis and spa. Dana is looking forward to developing new skills by attending continuing educational courses to stay up to date on the human body and by new client experiences as well.


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